Fire Department

The Blumfield Township Fire Department is here to serve you!

  • Fire Chief: Mic Brown
  • Asst. Fire Chief: Mary Meyer
  • Volunteer Firefighters Needed! Please consider making a huge difference in our township by joining the ranks of our dedicated volunteer firefighters. Contact Fire Chief Mic Brown for more information.

    Fire Protection and Resuce Service: Effective September 1, 2007, to provide more efficient and cost effective fire protection and rescue service, properties on and to the east of Beyer between Wilshire and Hack, M-15, Block and Harnisch between M-81 and south to the railroad tracks;Hack to the east of Beyer and M-81 to the east of Harnisch will be serviced by the Reese Fire Department. All other properties in the Township will be serviced by the Blumfield Township Fire Department. Saginaw County 911 Central Dispatch has all property information in it's database and will automatically dispatch the appropriate fire department.

    A Burning Permit is required for outside burning. Burning of Brush and Leaves is all that is permitted. Please contact the appropriate fire chief for your location and leave your Name, Address, and Phone Number:

  • Blumfield Township Chief Mic Brown: (989) 753-9881
  • Reese Chief John Weber: (989)920-4562, pager or (989) 868-3661 Reese Station
  • In accordance with the Blumfield Township Cost Recovery Ordinance, effective June 1, 2013, those requiring services from the Blumfield Township Fire Department will be responsible for a portion of the cost of the service.